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Introducing the Goat & the Gopher behind Goat & Gopher Cards 'n Stuff


So, who are the people behind Goat & Gopher Cards 'n Stuff?

We are Julie and Wolfgang of Julie & Wolfgang Photography Ltd. which offers portrait and fine art photography services.

You may have also heard of us as JaW Nature Photography. We have led owl tours (as volunteers) for WildNorth.

And now Goat & Gopher is another way to think of us.

The Name

A few years ago, on one of our many nature photography trips, Wolfgang was jumping from rock to rock while I was working up the courage to carefully step from one rock to another. I asked him to come back to give me a hand and called him a mountain goat 🐐. He smiled and called me a gopher 🐾 (there aren't any gopher emojis).

Wolfgang of Goat & Gopher Cards 'n Stuff and Julie & Wolfgang Photography Ltd.

The Goat

Wolfgang grew up in Austria near the Alps.

He took up photography in 1993 (before digital photos!). When he came to Canada, he worked as a Landscape Architect/Designer for several years. At night, he studied massage therapy and switched careers to become a Registered Massage Therapist. These days his main focus (😏see what I did there) is fine art photography.

Julie of Goat & Gopher Cards 'n Stuff and Julie & Wolfgang Photography Ltd.

The Gopher

I grew up on a farm in southwest Saskatchewan.

I moved to Edmonton too many years ago to mention. I worked several years in accounting. Now I work as a systems analyst during the day and as Chief Gopher the rest of the time.

The Goat & The Gopher

Wolfgang and I met in 2014 and married in 2015. Ask us about it some time, we love telling that story.

On our honeymoon (Alaskan cruise then driving around Vancouver Island), he had his Nikon with zoom lens while I was using my little Canon Sure Shot. I was more than a little jealous of the photos he was taking! Wolfgang bought me my first Nikon shortly after our honeymoon 😊

From then on, we have spent many weekends and evenings driving around Edmonton and area, taking photos of all the wildlife we could find. Trips to Jasper, Saskatchewan, northern BC, northern Alberta, and to Vancouver Island all revolve around wildlife photography.

We came up with the idea for Goat & Gopher Cards 'n Stuff in November 2020 as a way for people to connect by sending greeting cards that feature our nature and wildlife photos.

There will be more than greeting cards, stay tuned...

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Alan Pole
Alan Pole
Dec 05, 2021

We at NaughtyMutts are big fans of your work. We can’t wait to see more! Sign us up!!!

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