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Greeting Card 6.25 x 4.5 with envelope


These tough birds don't migrate!  They are very curious.  We've encountered them while walking in the river valley.  When we stop to take photos, these little guys will be flying from branch to branch, checking out what we are doing. 


If you have a feeder in your yard, you've likely had chickadees visiting.


This particular chickadee was photographed in the winter.  You can see snow clinging to his/her beak.



The right card for the occasion because you choose the occasion. 


Goat & Gopher cards are printed on high quality cardstock with a semi-gloss coating on the outside and are blank inside so you can easily write your message.


And you can rest easy knowing that the cards you are sending are printed sustainably, right here in Edmonton.  The pressroom is waterless, uses soy-based inks and participates in PrintReleaf.


Black-capped Chickadee Greeting Card

  • All cards are photographed, designed and printed in Canada.

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