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Capture a magical moment with our ‘Doe Peering Out from a Thicket’ Greeting Card.


This card presents an original photograph of a doe, with her large ears at attention and sweet face peering out from a frosty thicket. The crisp, high-resolution image perfectly encapsulates the chill of a cold winter day, the white snow serving as a perfect backdrop for the doe's soft, brown fur.


Whether it's a simple hello or heartfelt words, the inside of the card is blank, ready for your personal touch. This greeting card is printed on premium, durable cardstock ensuring your message reaches your loved ones just as you intend it to. Ideal for any occasion or just to let someone know you're thinking of them.


Embrace the tranquility of winter's beauty with this captivating greeting card.


Greeting Card 6.25 x 4.5 includes envelope

Doe Peering Out from a Thicket Greeting Card

  • All cards are photographed, designed and printed in Canada.

  • With Printleaf's Global Reforestation Projects, Goat & Gopher is able to select a planting site.  We chose British Columbia.


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