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Our Lonesome Tree on the Prairie greeting card features a compelling image of a solitary tree, surrounded by lush green prairie grass.  Its stark branches reaching out towards the light blue sky and wispy clouds


Every detail of the card, from the vibrant greens of the field to the ethereal light in the sky, is captured beautifully through original landscape photography.


Each card is printed on high-quality cardstock, ensuring a premium feel and a durable finish.


This greeting card can offer solace, make you yearn for wide-open spaces, or bring peace and tranquility in a single, spectacular moment.


Greeting Card 5 x 7 includes envelope

Lonesome Tree on the Prairie Fine Art Greeting Card

  • All cards are photographed, designed and printed in Canada.

  • With Printleaf's Global Reforestation Projects, Goat & Gopher is able to select a planting site.  We chose British Columbia.


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