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Experience the heartwarming visual poetry of a grizzly bear mother and cub, snuggled together as they lay down for a peaceful nap on a rocky shore. Seemingly lost in a world of their own, the grizzly bear duo brings a tranquil moment to life, captured against the rustic backdrop of driftwood.


This exquisite Sleepytime - Grizzly Mama and Cub Greeting Card is printed on premium quality cardstock, promising absolute clarity of the original photo that beautifully encapsulates the essence of a serene afternoon in the wild.


It's more than just a card, it's a distinct way of expressing your warmth and affection towards your loved ones. 


Perfect for any occasion or just to keep by your side as a reminder of the captivating beauty the natural world has to offer.


Greeting Card 5 x 7 includes envelope

Sleepytime - Grizzly Mama and Cub Greeting Card

  • All cards are photographed, designed and printed in Canada.

  • With Printleaf's Global Reforestation Projects, Goat & Gopher is able to select a planting site.  We chose British Columbia.


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