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Experience summer's serene beauty with our ‘Wilson's Snipe on a Fence Post’ Greeting Card.  The intricate details of the long-billed snipe balanced on one-leg paired with the vibrant green background create a picturesque summer scene that is perfect for any occasion.


Printed on high-quality, durable cardstock ensures that it won’t lose it vibrant colours. The card is blank inside for your personalized message.


The Wilson's Snipe on a Fence Post Greeting Card is not merely a card, but a token of love, filled with the passion of birdwatching, and the peace of a summer's day.


Greeting Card 5 x 7 includes envelope

Wilson's Snipe on a Fence Post Greeting Card

  • All cards are photographed, designed and printed in Canada.

  • With Printleaf's Global Reforestation Projects, Goat & Gopher is able to select a planting site.  We chose British Columbia.


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