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At Goat & Gopher Cards 'n Stuff

We believe that spending time in nature is essential for everyone’s wellbeing. 

It improves our mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. 

When we can’t spend time in nature,

seeing nature photos or videos and

listening to nature sounds have calming effects.


We believe in being kind and thoughtful.


We believe that everything we do affects our planet,

and we strive to lead sustainable lives.


We believe in less stress and less guilt. 

We aren’t perfect and we don’t try to be. 


We look for ways to make life a little easier and a lot better.

We are Julie and Wolfgang

Wolfgang is the Goat

Julie is the Gopher

You can read more about us here

A few things about us right now:

  • Julie hardly wears camo like in this pic

  • the last photos we have of us together is our wedding

  • that's because we're usually the ones with the cameras

  • we take photos of each other when we are out taking nature photos

  • and in lots of those photos we are either looking thru the viewfinder or sticking our tongues out because we just noticed that the other is taking a photo!

Wolfgang Lubey
Julie and Wolfgang Photography -1778_edi
Julie Jewitt
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